About us

We are a group of teenage girls trying to make a difference in the world.  There are seven of us and we each run a different section of this site.

Cheese: the webmaster/creator, vegetarian...and crazy knitting lady.  When she's not looking at her reflection, she spends her time making funny imitations of her good old "friend" Playdoh.  We also find that in beauty and the beast we can substitute the names for "playdoh and the cheese"...however, if you would not like to be tortured, I suggest you don't do that

Juju: Oh! Take. That.  AND Shannie! Pink rox harder than either of your colors! Ok, well I don't mean to sound vain (as I often do), but I'm going to rephrase what some unknown personell in Crossbaow had originally written about myself. I'm crazy fun and can often be found dancing to music.  I'm a nerd, I love Star Wars, computers, Stephenie Meyer, music and anything weird or out of the ordinary.

Sammy: working to save the trees.  Sammy we can describe in one word: HYPER.

Tofu: (real name Kate) "*sniff* I wanted to have the color red!" preventor of pollution and global warming and writer enthusist! Smart, simple, and often points out when we're doing something stupid. Likes to write fantasy stories and poems.( and seeing as people, I'm talking to you Livi, refuses to spell correctly, I am the self-named editor!)

Stephi-o's: our art designer. (I just run the Graphics page.) Ah~ well i'm really just a person who's there. i'm always with my sketch book or some type of manga, optimistic and I tend to ramble to pass time.

Nadsy:AKA the bitch.

Shannie: This is me, Shannie, our self-named producer/director.  I'm pretty eccentric.  I'm obsessed with Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and pretty much addicted to books.  I like to make movies (no, duh) and I am a writer.  I also play guitar and I have wrote lots of songs.  Lets see...what am I missing...oh yeah!...I'm awesome!!!!  Visit me at www.eccentric.weebly.com