If you have any questions, then please e-mail us at the contact page.

"What does the picture mean?"
The picture at the top of the webpage represents the crossroads in life and the many choices we have to face, hence "Crossbaow, the crossroads.  We're presenting you with a choice."

"Why is the first episode of 'On the Swings' so long?"
We didn't do any planning for the first episode.  Upcoming episodes will be shorter.

"What does F.A.Q. stand for?"
I really hope your kidding.

"Why did you make a seperate page for contacting instead of just putting the e-mail's on the about us page?"
I didn't want the about us page to be too long, we'd seem too full of ourselves.

"Why have you gone through so many layouts?"
Because so many people are running this site it's hard for everyone to decide which layout is best.  We will try to stick with this layout.

"Why is crossbow spelled wrong?"
It's not.  See below for what Crossbaow stands for.

"What does 'Crossbaow' stand for?"
Creating Our Own Societies, Strengthening Bonds All Over the World