Pollution and Global Warming

Global Warming

Hola mis amigos!!!! Tofu in the house! (wow, that sounds nerdy) and I'm gonna talk to you about pollution and global warming. but first, GLOBAL WARMING!!!!!! This is something we're very passionate about here at CROSSBAOW. It really pisses me off. I mean, can you imagine your grandkids and your great-grandkids living on a piece of land that is only a mile wide ocean-to-ocean? That'd be a terrible way to live!  It sounds like something out of a Sci-fi book, but it could really happen in a couple decades!

And it'd be all our faults too. Just look at this poor polar bear to my left, HE'S SO LONELY!!!! Polar bears and penguins and seals in the polar ice caps will cease to exist (unless they rapidly evolved into water breathing creatures, which won't happen any time soon!).

And if you really care about this as much as I do, you'll spread the word!!! Did you know a lot of people in the world don't know, don't care, or don't believe in global warming? Be one of those crazy people who walk down the streets wearing signs on their chests! Be a person who interrupts dinner by knocking on doors and giving them flyers! Don't go too far like sabotaging a hairspray-manufacturing company (if you do, are you deranged?! And for goodness sakes, don't tell them it was my idea!! :P) because it's illegal, but just try to let people know that you care and they should too!


Now it's time for Pollution! At our class field trip, we were on this boat tour thingie and Livi and I were on the front deck. She's looking out over the water and I'm looking at all the people on the deck with us (and no it's not creepy!!! It's called people watching!!!). Anyways, as were watching, I see a girl in our class (who shall be rendered Ms. Nameless!) finish a cup of soda, harmless right? Then out of no where, she chucks it off the side of the boat! Were in the middle of the Potomac River, on a huge boat that has over 17 trashcans, and she throws it in the frickin' river! Livi and I were FURIOUS!!! but you probably don't wanna hear 'bout how Ms. Nameless got her stupid butt kicked off the boat and right into the river... just joking (seriously, just jokin' folks!). But it's astonishing to see someone display an act of complete selfishness like that!

I hate to break it to ya, but the river is not your trashcan! Neither is the rest of the environment! One time a friend of mine went to this camp spot her family went to every year. It was always very clean and beautiful, but apparently they had some parties there a couple days ahead of them and it was trashed!!! Broken beer bottles, cigarette butts smashed into the ground, they even found a dead squirrel that had been choked by one of those plastic things that hold cans together!!! It was so sad!!! (I mean the whole pollution thing, not just the squirrel thing, but that was sad too!)