Writings and Poems

Writing is a great way to express yourself, and expressing yourself is something we all promote here at CROSSBAOW. So we have set up a FictionPress account! For those of you ignorant ones, FictionPress is a site where anyone can put their writing on the internet, for free!

Most of us here like to write and will be posting stuff regularly, I think. If you ever feel the fancy to, you can e-mail me (Tofu) at 2meullb4eversacred@gmail.com and submit your writing so we can post it on to our FictionPress account! And if you submit something really cool, I'll post it on this page! Right on your favorite website! On your favorite page of your favorite website! (just kidding...unless this is your favorite page on your favorite website).

REQUIREMENTS: Okay, Ju-ju will eat my favorite pair of rainbow knee-high socks if I post anything questionable, so please people, if you want a chance, keep them PG. I don't mind if they're not and you just want feedback from me, but there's no way in...in...nevermind, it won't be posted if it's bad! Requirement number 2: If you really want it to be submitted, write Crossbaow Writing Submission (or CWS) in the subject line so I'll actually read it and not just erase it with all my chain e-mails and spam I recieve. It'll really widen your chances of submission. And number three... I'm not sure yet, but I'm sure there'll be a number three added by somebody.

So get out your pencils and start your keyboards! Don't stop writing and check in here once in awhile (we may have contests and things sometimes!)

On behalf of the CROSSBAOW Team,                                                                                                                         ~Tofu

Number One

The Five “W” Questions by Tofu

Who           will you reallybe

                   when we reach

                  a fork in the road?

Where        will this avenue

                   take us when 

                   the fun wears out?

What          if this street has

                  a cul-de-sac and 

                  we can’t turn around?

When        can I go home and

                  crawl under the

                  blankets where life’s

                  not as hard?

Why            is life so confusing

                  with its stop signs,

                  turns, and dead ends?