Welcome to the vegetarian and veganism page!!!

Hello my friends. Do you think you're ready to go veg? Well It's not all that hard, you just need a little persistance. You'll be so happy you did. I'll be updating this page, telling you guys what will make being a vegetarian or vegan a more easy and fun life style. And if your in love with chocolate and can't become vegan because of it, try http://www.chocolatebar.com/ not only do they sell some delicious vegan chocolate, 10% of their profits go to saving endangered animals.

Cheese's Weekly VegiBlog of Uberness!!!

Omg, I'm sorry to you guys that read my blogs on Monday (when they are suppose to be updated). I've been busy designing my new room makeover outline thing. Hmm...there is nothing to really talk about this week veg wise. Well...I had boca breakfast links this morning...with bread...GASP! That's what I'll talk about BREAD! It's filling and and and...and TASTEY (gurl you taystay!) Yeah so...idk... well just go to http://www.bocaburger.com/ that's pretty much all I gotz this week. They have some good recipes so go to it.

Did you know?!

-Vegetarians live 9 to 10 years longer than nonvegetarians -Most animals that are used for meat are treated cruel -Meats contain fat, fat clogs arteries, clogged arteries cause low blood flow which causes heart problems -Animals that are used for meat carry diseases from poor living conditions, yeah...than you eat that - Fish are meat to...so killing them for food is like...drowning us humans to them

There are millions of facts, so (seriously) why haven't you gone VEG?

Will you go Veg if Brenden asks you to? ;D